Applications in food filtration

CUT Membrane Technology has more than a decade of expertise in the use and manufacture of membranes and filtration modules for the food industry.

By means of our products and the associated application know-how, we support the process and application requirements of our customers in food filtration, such as wine and juice production, in the fields of chemistry and environmental technology, as well as in the treatment of waste water and process water.

Efficient and gentle juice clarification

Many foods or beverages are made from fruit juice concentrates. For the production of concentrates, the removal of lees is essential. This is because they impair the visual and sensory quality of products such as juice spritzers, with fruit juices, flavored mineral waters, fruit teas, jellies or fruit gums.

There are various ways of clarifying juices, for example by means of a disc centrifuge, a filter press or other precoat filter, by depth filtration and by crossflow membrane filtration. Crossflow membrane filtration with T-CUT Core ultrafiltration modules is the most elegant process.

A glass and a jug full of apple juice standing next to two apples.

Filtration processes for clear, brilliant wines

In wine filtration, complex membrane filters are used for the reliable removal of trub particles and microorganisms (clarification filtration).

In the filtration process, the membranes are tangentially overflowed at a high overflow velocity. This is called cross-flow or tangential flow filtration. In this process, the liquid passes through the pores of the membrane under the influence of the filtration pressure, while the solid is retained and kept in circulation by the overflow velocity.

Three wine glasses filled with white wine, red wine and rosé wine. They stand on a wooden table.