About CUT Membrane Technology

Our focus…

As an application and application specialist, we, CUT Membrane Technology, have a broad knowledge regarding the application and production of membrane modules. Our extensive module portfolio covers a wide spectrum: from wastewater filtration to food filtration. On request, we can also manufacture special solutions for you.

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Wastewater filtration

As an application specialist for wastewater treatment using cross-flow filtration, we have a high level of expertise in the use and manufacture of membrane modules. Our extensive module portfolio for ultrafiltration and microfiltration is optimally supplemented by the possibility of carrying out empirical tests together with us on a laboratory and pilot scale for your individual process.

Food filtration

Whether for the filtration of wine, juice or vinegar – our product portfolio shows what has been done in recent years to optimize their filtration processes and improve their filtration methods. In addition to the usual requirements, such as high filtrate performance and the greatest possible preservation of the sensory properties of the product, filter modules for food production must be easy and safe to operate and also meet high expectations in terms of hygiene.

Special applications

Do you have specific requirements and operations? Regardless of whether customized special solutions, “repair work” on third-party products or tests and pilot trials on site and in our factory in Erkrath: CUT Membrane Technology is your professional and solution-oriented partner for customized module solutions and individual service for every industrial membrane application.