Special applications

CUT Membrane Technology has more than a decade of expertise in the use and manufacture of membranes and filtration modules. We support our customers with process and application knowledge in areas such as chemistry, food and environmental technology – especially in the treatment of wastewater and process water.

Recycling of grinding waste water

In order to optimize the industrial processing of glass and ceramic materials economically and ecologically, the reuse or treatment of the grinding wastewater produced represents an important aspect for reducing manufacturing and disposal costs.
For successful process water recycling, for example, the following factors must be taken into account the often very finely dispersed particle abrasion and the ingredients dissolved in the coolant – are filtered out in accordance with the requirements and required limit values. The effect of added cleaning additives should not be significantly altered by filtration.
Microfiltration using our T-CUT PP module series reliably separates particulate contaminants while being highly acid-stable and abrasion-resistant.


Pickling acid in a rolling mill

In steel rolling mills, large quantities of used pickling acids are generated from cleaning processes, which have to be disposed of after use in a time-consuming and cost-intensive manner.
In particular, high costs arise from the fact that the acids have to be neutralized and appropriately conditioned and fed to a wastewater treatment plant, as well as from the professional disposal of the sludge resulting from the process.
For optimum results, acid treatment of the rolled plates is combined with mechanical cleaning methods (e.g. brushing), producing a particulate-contaminated acid mixture as a “waste product”.
This is an application for our T-CUT PP module series, which permanently ensures reliable microfiltration with extreme stability with regard to acids, bases and particle abrasion.