Applications in wastewater filtration

CUT Membrane Technology has more than a decade of expertise in the use and manufacture of membranes and filtration modules. We support our customers with process and application knowledge in areas such as chemistry, food and environmental technology – especially in the treatment of wastewater and process water.

We supply customized membrane and module solutions to most countries around the world. Learn more about our applications in wastewater filtration here.

Treating landfill leachate

The treatment of landfill leachate is one of the most demanding filtration tasks in membrane technology. Essentially, landfill leachate consists of precipitation water that drains through landfills, dissolving a variety of chemical compounds in the water and also washing out particles of all kinds. The aim of process engineering is to recover the permeate (filtered water) produced during leachate treatment in such a pure form that it can be fed to a wastewater treatment plant without further treatment or even recovered for internal reuse.
The combination of biological pre-treatment of the leachate in the so-called bio-reactor and subsequent ultrafiltration (UF) by means of our T-CUT UF module portfolio – as the heart of the process chain – has proven its worth.

Filtration solutions for landfill leachate treatment


Reference: Large-scale treatment of landfill leachate by means of a membrane bioreactor


Treatment of waste water in industry

Today, biological wastewater treatment plants are experiencing steady growth when it comes to the professional and proper treatment of industrial wastewater. The widely used filtration process using ultrafiltration membranes is very similar to the process also used by municipalities to treat landfill leachate. The treatment plants generally address the reduction of particles, oils, COD and BOD for the purpose of discharge, for example into rivers or lakes.
Biologically assisted wastewater treatment is optimized for biomass concentration and/or retention through the subsequent use of CUT ultrafiltration membrane modules.


Reduction of operating costs in an existing plant

Here we show you an example of how to reduce operating costs in an existing plant. This is a reference project of a membrane bioreactor in a wastewater treatment plant of the company Thor in Speyer.